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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Favorite Genealogy Forum and A List of Photo-Sharing Web Sites

One of my favorite genealogy forums is Genealogy-101, a Yahoo forum . I’ve belonged to several different groups:

- One was for newbie amateur genealogists and all of their computer-related questions. That combination didn’t work for me. Too many "why are sparks shooting out of the back of my computer" posts. I'm not kidding.

- Another one (that I’m still subscribed to, but wishing I weren’t) is connected to a newsgroup with some argumentative individuals. I’ve deleted at least a hundred emails with the controversial topic “old tombstones and shaving cream.”

- A couple of others are so lonely and sparse that it embarrasses me just to be a part of them.

But Genealogy-101 has passed the Goldilocks test of being “just right.” Newcomers are warmly welcomed and no one (so far) has ranted about anything. It’s just a good place for asking general “how do I?” questions without wondering if others are rolling their eyes at your posts.

Recently, someone from the forum listed a boatload of Web sites for sharing family photos. Besides the value these sites offer to sharing your current family photos, think of the rewards if others in your family would scan and upload their ancestral photos:

- One location for the extended family to view their photographs
- Easily notice similar family traits
- Quickly distribute all ancestral photographs among the family -- No more begging others to make photograph copies!

~Mary Kaye


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