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Friday, January 27, 2006

Try eBay for Your Genealogy Search

When you first start your genealogy search, it’s tempting to blast into the nearest bookstore and buy as many books as possible on the subject. Personally, I don’t feel “safe” trying something new unless I’ve read extensively on it. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who loves to stroll the bookshelves while sipping a piping hot café mocha (“Of course I want the whipped cream!”). So I’m not going to ruin your fun by suggesting you avoid your favorite bookstore altogether. But try to limit your purchases, because you might just hit the mother lode on eBay. Here are some interesting items I discovered:

· Princess Diana’s family tree
· Native American genealogy
· Genealogical book collection from the estate of a professional genealogist

Just one search for “genealogy” (all categories) on eBay resulted in 3,020 items. You can play around with this to narrow down your search. Here are some examples:

· Irish Genealogy – 43 Items (books on family names, passenger lists to America, and a book on tracing your Irish ancestors)
· Genealogy Software – 421 Items (searchable CDs, discounted Family Tree Maker, Legacy Family Tree, and Roots Magic software)

As part of my search results on genealogy, eBay suggested I also try the following categories. Listed in parenthesis are items that I found interesting:

· Everything Else > Genealogy > Other (New Pennsylvania Dutch style family tree chart to fill in and frame)
· Everything Else > Genealogy > Births, Marriages, Deaths (a copy of “Where They’re Buried (Notable Persons”)
· Everything Else > Genealogy > Census Records

Keep in mind that not all of these items are a bargain. Some are even quite expensive, but then again, what is that particular, special piece of information worth to you? Let me know if you find anything useful on eBay!

~Mary Kaye


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